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December 20–23, 2015 Sunday–Wednesday 3 nights

Empower Your Heart’s Purpose: A Sankalpa Retreat

Rabbi Sigal Brier
Rabbi Sigal Brier

Rabbi Sigal Brier is a scholar, mystic, spiritual mentor, inspirational teacher, congregational rabbi, and artist, with training in religion, psychology, art, yoga, and meditation. For more than 30 years, she has shared methods that inspire…
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For everyone.

Are you longing to know, remember, and live your life’s purpose? In Sanskrit, the word sankalpa means “deepest heart’s desire and purpose.” Your heart is the center of your power. Come sit at the wellspring of your own heart and learn to welcome the mystery of your heart’s wisdom. This retreat includes meditation, deep relaxation, life-changing insights, and skillful self-inquiry.

Rabbi Sigal Brier gently guides you to

  • Relax and trust your intuition
  • Open to your heartfelt desire and purpose, and clarify your intention
  • Cultivate a witnessing presence to your truth
  • Nurture a plan, from the depth of your being, to guide your life.

You emerge from this retreat focused and empowered to live more fully.