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April 18–20, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Dancing with the Spirits: Celebrate Spring!

Catherine Calderon
Catherine Calderon

Catherine Calderon has been on the path of yoga and dance for more than 30 years. A filmmaker, yoga teacher, professional salsa dancer, and initiate in the Afro-Cuban Yoruba tradition, she performed with Tito Puente…
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with special guests Paul Calderon and Ronnie Roc

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For all levels.

Experience the deep, soul-shaking effects of opening to your internal rhythms and responding to the call of music and drums. Catherine Calderon blends an ecstatic celebration of drumming and dancing with the reflective, relaxing, and cleansing aspects of yoga in a program that offers you the opportunity to free your spirit. You learn

  • Dance form basics such as rumba, salsa, merengue, and soca
  • The fascinating history of these dances
  • Chants to open the door to spirit
  • Yoga poses, breathing practices, and deep-relaxation techniques to open the body before you dance
  • The complex interrelationship between African spirit traditions, European music and dance traditions, and tantra yoga.

Throughout this workshop, powerful ceremonies of cleansing and connecting with the spirits of nature and your ancestors are performed to drum accompaniment. Bring your party clothes for a blowout dance party on Saturday night.