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August 21–23, 2015 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Navigating Change: Integrating Endings, Initiating Beginnings

Christine Warren
Christine Warren

Christine Warren was a founding member of Kripalu and has been a national trainer, transformational life coach, and counselor for 35 years. Currently based in upcountry Maui, Hawaii, she is an author, speaker, and teacher…
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Often described as life-changing, this program teaches you to navigate life’s changes with wisdom, power, and grace. Consciously explore lessons from your past, wisdom offered in the present, and visionary potentials for your future. You learn to

  • Gather strength and wholeness from each stage of your journey
  • Complete your past and understand the purpose of integrating endings
  • Traverse the in-between time of “the mystery”; where old forms have died and new ones have not yet been born
  • Create an inspired life vision that is the natural expression of your innermost being
  • Manifest your vision through intention, spiritual attunement, quantum physics and metaphysics
  • Move through transitions with inspiration and joy.

Group rituals in nature, music, movement, and a community of loving support combine to create a transformational weekend of change.