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November 14–16, 2014 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

SpiritFest: Chant, Dance, Drum

Dan Leven, Girish, and Aimee Gelinas
Dan Leven

Dan Leven, RSMT, a Kripalu faculty member for more than 35 years, teaches students to become Registered Somatic Movement Therapists through his combined trainings, Shake Your Soul® and SomaSoul®. He holds a master’s degree in…
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Girish, an accomplished musician and wordsmith who links lyrics and rhythm to create blissful musical experiences, is a former monk. He sings traditional Sanskrit mantras with a modern, funky, yet deeply devotional twist. Girish has…
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Aimee Gelinas

Aimee Gelinas, MEd, is a musician, educator, naturalist, and performance artist who presents West African/Caribbean drum and song classes and nature programs throughout western Massachusetts and beyond. She founded and directs the Tamarack Hollow Nature…
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Program Details

For everyone.

Through the ages, across all spiritual traditions, the vehicles of chanting, dancing, and drumming have carried people’s bodies and minds toward their essence, toward their spirit and soul. In this workshop, you return home to the meeting place of body and soul through

  • Blissful Sanskrit chanting with Girish
  • Joyful Shake Your Soul dance classes with Dan Leven, accompanied by live music
  • Powerful drumming and Afro-Caribbean chanting with Aimee Gelinas.

Join three incredible masters of the spiritual arts to create a festival of spirit, a joyful community, a soulful celebration, and a heartfelt retreat. Dan, Girish, and Aimee invite you to be part of this collective of creativity. Experience the joy and bliss of spirit expressed through the voice as chant, through the body as dance, and in the rhythmic drumbeat of your heart.