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March 29–April 1, 2015 Sunday–Wednesday 3 nights

Tantra to Love: Sacred Sexuality, Tantra Yoga, and Qigong Retreat

Prana Regina Barrett and John Rene Berard
Prana Regina Barrett

Prana Regina Barrett, BS, MIA, E-RYT, CYT, author of Lighter: Living Tantra, is the founder, lead educator, and yoga therapist for Tantra to Love™, a private practice and school she shares with her husband, John…
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John Rene Berard

John Rene Berard, BS, MBA, CMT, CYT, has been practicing therapeutic massage and sharing Core Power Yoga and tantra practices for more than a decade. With his wife, Prana Regina Barrett, he cofacilitates a Tantra…
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with special guest Toni Bergins

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For singles, couples, and all sexual orientations; yoga and qigong experience not required.

Experience new levels of expansion, clarity, and connection with Self through the practice of tantra. Prana Regina Barrett and John Rene Berard, a husband-and-wife team who have shared a Taoist, shamanic, and yoga-based tantra path for 18 years, introduce you to this practice of breath, movement, sound, and meditation. Tantra encourages the body’s energy centers and pathways to open so dormant energy is free to rise, and helps balance the masculine and feminine aspects within.

The retreat includes

  • Solo Tantra Yoga and qigong
  • Partner yoga for connection and lovemaking
  • Sacred touch
  • Orgasm transmutation lesson, homeplay, and Q&A
  • Communication techniques to lovingly express needs.

Toni Bergins joins Prana and Rene to guide JourneyDance sessions that awaken the sexy self, ignite energy, and transform the soul.

Recommended reading Prana Regina Barrett, Lighter: Living Tantra (CreateSpace).