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November 16–21, 2014 Sunday–Friday 5 nights

Thai Yoga Massage 3: Using Ayurvedic Principles: Lotus Palm School Certification

Sukha Wong
Sukha Wong

Sukha Wong, CMT, is the director and owner of the internationally reputed Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage School. She is dedicated to fostering the relaxing and spiritually nourishing art of Thai Yoga. A certified massage…
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For those who have completed Thai Yoga Massage 1 and 2.

Want to heighten your Thai Yoga Massage skills? This training introduces you to the fundamentals of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system and sister science to yoga. This course bridges Thai Yoga Massage with its historical roots in Ayurveda as you learn practical methods of applying Ayurvedic knowledge to deepen the therapeutic quality of your practice. You walk away from this workshop knowing more about others but also about yourself.

This course teaches you a new 60-minute Thai Yoga Massage routine and how to customize a session according to a person’s Ayurvedic constitution (vata, pitta, or kapha). You learn

  • To determine an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution
  • How to bring energy movement into Thai Yoga Massage
  • How to create a customized two-session Thai Yoga Massage wellness program according to a person’s constitution
  • The fundamental concepts of Ayurveda history, philosophy, and healing
  • To incorporate the use of knees as a massage technique.

Recommended reading Kam Thye Chow and Sukha Wong, The Essential Guide (Lotus Palm) and Kam Thye Chow and Emily Moody, Thai Yoga Therapy for Your Body Type: An Ayurvedic Tradition (Lotus Palm).