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March 6–11, 2016 Sunday–Friday 5 nights

Jump-Start Your Memoir: Write It From the Heart

Nancy Slonim Aronie and Frannie Faith
Nancy Slonim Aronie

Nancy Slonim Aronie, a commentator for National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, is the author of Writing from the Heart. Founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop on Martha’s Vineyard, she was a Visiting Writer at…
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Frannie Faith

Frannie Faith, singer-songwriter and certified yoga nidra teacher, brings meditation, mindfulness, and music together to heal others and open hearts. A lifelong meditator and performer (for television, radio, and concerts for charity), Frannie has two…
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For everyone.

Tell your story, honoring your voice and writing in your own rhythm. A distinguished writer herself, Nancy Slonim Aronie says, “I don’t think anyone can teach writing. What I can do is make it safe. When you feel safe, you can do anything.”

This program focuses on personal narrative, but if you want to write the beginning of your screenplay, the poetry collection that has been marinating in you for years, song lyrics, a monologue, or stories for your grandkids, this is the place to begin. Make the leap from yearning to writing!

Within the warm, inspiring, and empowering environment that Nancy creates, it’s easier to silence the inner critic and explore a realm of authenticity. Reassuring for the beginning writer and refreshing for the burned-out professional, this program is a chance to take yourself and your writing seriously.

Note Bring a photo of yourself when you were 12 years old or younger.