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February 13–16, 2015 Friday–Monday 3 nights

Cross-Country Skiing and Yoga Retreat

Shrila Leslie Luppino
Shrila Leslie Luppino

Shrila Leslie Luppino loves to combine exercise with being outside in nature. She serves on Kripalu’s R&R fitness team as a hiking leader, and has a passion for cross-country skiing, a sport she has taught…
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with special guest Archa Beth Hodges

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For everyone. No prior ski or yoga experience required.

Cross-country skiing is one of the best total-body, nonimpact aerobic exercises, and yoga is a superb way to prepare for, and wind down from, your cross-country workouts. In this program, you learn yoga postures to develop balance and skillful weight transfer, along with meditation for calm and focus. Then it’s off to the trails!

Ski instructors lead clinics on proper technique and skills for both beginning and experienced skiers. You ski at your own pace on a trail suited to your ability, with support available if you need it. Each day ends with yoga and guided relaxation. Return home feeling strong, connected to your center, and refreshed by the beauty of a Berkshire winter.

Note Equipment can be rented from the Arcadian Shop near Kripalu; call 413.637.3010 at least 10 days in advance to secure your skis. Additional information regarding what to bring, rentals, and alternative plans in case of insufficient snow can be found here. The program includes a day trip to a ski center; ski pass is included.