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November 29–December 2, 2015 Sunday–Wednesday 3 nights

Mangalam Svapna: The Yoga of Lucid Dreaming

Lama Migmar Tseten
Lama Migmar Tseten

Lama Migmar Tseten has served as Buddhist chaplain at Harvard University since 1997. He received both a traditional and a contemporary education in India, graduating from Tibetan Institute of Sanskrit University in Varanasi. He served…
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For all levels.

Mangalam Svapna Yoga is an ancient Buddhist practice that transforms sleep into an opportunity for personal insight and spiritual growth. Practiced in Tibetan monasteries for more than 1,000 years, these practical techniques induce lucid dreams through a series of meditative visualizations practiced while falling asleep. Once mastered, these techniques can be used to improve sleep quality, receive spiritual teachings while dreaming, and develop insights into the nature of life, death, rebirth, and awakening.

This program includes

  • A traditional Tibetan empowerment ceremony
  • Instructions on the daily meditation practice of Green Tara
  • Lectures on the importance of Dream Yoga in spiritual practice
  • Specific visualizations to induce lucid dreams
  • The opportunity to practice what you learn with short, guided meditations.

These practices cultivate a deeper sense of love and compassion for all sentient beings.

Note This program emphasizes mental yoga practices and meditative techniques; no asana is included in the sessions.