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August 8–17, 2014 Friday–Sunday 9 nights

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training 500-Hour Certification: Module One

Yoganand Michael Carroll and Coby Kozlowski
Yoganand Michael Carroll

Yoganand Michael Carroll, E-RYT 500, IAYT, is Dean of the Kripalu School of Yoga. Through many years of intensive study and practice, Yoganand has gained a profound ability to distill and interpret esoteric yoga texts…
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Coby Kozlowski

Coby Kozlowski, MA, E-RYT, is a Kripalu faculty member and director of Kripalu’s 200- and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs. Her vibrant style as a life coach trainer, yoga, dance, and meditation educator, inspirational speaker,…
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Program Details

Learn the deeper facets of teaching yoga, from asana and pranayama to the internal practice of stilling the mind and attuning to the multidimensional body, mind, and spirit. In Kripalu Yoga teacher training, you deepen your personal development, tune in to the flow of life force, and become a successful, transformational Kripalu Yoga teacher.

Advanced Techniques for Teaching and Assisting Asana

Master the art of teaching asana! Gain a greater ability to appeal to students who want more challenge in their practice and to assist those who have unique limitations. In this module, you will improve your knowledge of asana, learn more about the anatomical principles of alignment and the benefits of the poses, and enhance your ability to assist your students by offering creative and knowledgeable modifications and variations for all levels.

Using the koshas (the five bodies: physical, pranic, psychoemotional, witness, and bliss) as a framework, you will undertake a multidimensional study of asana. You will dive into the deeper dimensions of core yoga poses and explore some new challenging postures to widen your scope of students. You will also discover ways to weave the powerful methodology of the koshas (and the vayus), into your teaching.

This module includes

  • Understanding anatomy in relationship to asana
  • Gradient approaches to postures and modeling postures in stages
  • Safely preparing muscles groups for specific poses
  • Discussion of Patanjali’s Sutras as a foundation for teaching
  • Multi-dimensional use of the koshas as an exploration into yogic anatomy
  • Exploration of non-judgmental self-awareness, or witness consciousness
  • Advanced techniques for teaching in-depth asana assists
  • Additional advanced postures.

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