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May 15–17, 2015 Friday–Sunday 2 nights

Yogini Workout: Discover Strength with Mind-Body Movement and Meditation

Ellen Barrett
Ellen Barrett

Ellen Barrett is a women’s wellness expert, known worldwide as the creator of best-selling DVD workouts, including Prevention magazine’s Flat Belly Diet series. She holds a master’s in education from Syracuse University and is a…
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Program Details

For women; no yoga or meditation experience necessary.

Restore balance not just in your physical body but in your whole life. The Yogini Workout aims to leave you invigorated yet calm, tuned-in to yourself, and turned-on to life.

Women are innate givers but, in order for us to give so abundantly to others, we also need to give to ourselves. Yogini is a Sanskrit word for female peace-seeker, and this program will prime you for peace through a combination of

  • Movement: a low-impact, mindful mix of yoga, Pilates, and dance
  • Feel-good restorative yoga poses to wind down, using blankets and blocks as props
  • Empowermeditation: daring to dream of your personal utopia.

Note Bring comfortable workout gear (no sneakers necessary) and a cozy sweatshirt to meditate in.