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Health and Wellness

Energy. Vitality. Joy. Our health and wellness programs provide you with effective tools and practical knowledge for creating a lifestyle that supports your total well-being.

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Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, teaches that each of us has a fundamental constitution, based on the forces and… More

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Complementary Health

There are many healing avenues that encourage the emergence of our most naturally healthy selves and can put us back… More

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Cooking and Nutrition

Food—what we prepare, how we prepare it, and our approach to eating it—is an invaluable centerpiece to living a life… More

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Detox and Cleansing

Do you want to start fresh? Clean out what you don’t need? Renew your system so you can experience the… More

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Energy Work

We all have the potential to heal ourselves and others. We need only access our healing energy within to activate… More

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Healthy Aging

Aging gracefully—with energy, vitality, and a sense of joy and fulfillment—takes practice. At Kripalu, you can get started with the… More

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Weight Loss

Get practical help, guidance from experts, and the support of a loving community while learning through experience how to move… More

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