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Professional Development

Gain new skills and specialties and expand your professional knowledge. You can bring what you learn at Kripalu, including unique certifications, out into the world in order to help others, deepen your own practice and experience, and enhance your work life. View all programs that receive Continuing Education Credits.

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For Helping Professionals

Whether you want to deepen your knowledge, learn a new skill to complement your current profession, or take your career… More

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All Professional Trainings

Come to Kripalu and expand your personal and professional horizons through training in a field that you love. Whether you… More

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Ayurveda Trainings

Tap into the collective wisdom of the world’s leading teachers, as you study the principles of Ayurveda by learning to… More

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Massage Trainings

Expand your personal and professional horizons through training and certification in a field that you love. Learn the art of… More

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Yoga Trainings

Immersion. Study. Community. Certification. Kripalu’s mission to teach the art and science of yoga is based on the full expression… More

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