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Create personal change and empower yourself to transform possibility into reality.

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Body and Self

Come learn how to heal your body and your life by transforming unconscious patterns into an integrated bodymind. Enhance your… More

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Emotional Healing

Enjoy these programs that facilitate personal growth and healing in a safe environment filled with information, support, and guidance. What… More

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For Couples

Who doesn’t want a better relationship with their partner? Emotionally connect, increase feelings of closeness and happiness, learn new things… More

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Intuitive Development

Want to empower yourself, discover how to use subtle energy awareness in your yoga practice, focus your life, connect with… More

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Personal Growth

These powerful workshops help you clarify and honor your emotional, spiritual, and psychological needs, teach you to celebrate the person… More

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Relationships and Sexuality

Restore passion, cultivate the connection between your heart and your sexuality, rediscover your loving nature, and bring a newfound sense… More

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Shamanism & Indigenous Wisdom

Rites of passage, soul-retrieval work, transformation and self-healing, and the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine are just a few… More

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