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Kripalu School of Ayurveda

Thoughts from Our Graduates

Why did you choose the Kripalu School of Ayurveda (KSA)?

After much research into all the Ayurvedic programs in the US, I chose KSA because I wanted to immerse myself in an institution with a curriculum structure that fit my busy NYC lifestyle and, most of all, because I knew that Kripalu was that sacred space where I could totally dedicate my mind, body, and spiritual practice to the comprehensive teachings that the course had to offer. Another factor: when I read about all the incredible Ayurvedic teachers who would be coming to teach Ayurveda, I knew that I would be getting the best Ayurvedic education. It was really great breaking away from my everyday life and coming up to Kripalu, not only to learn about Ayurveda, but also to get association with like-minded, spiritual, enthusiastic students who were on the spiritual journey I was about to embark on. And they were the best months of my adult life.
—K. Michael Ferranti, 2006 graduate, Jersey City, New Jersey, founder of Gotham Ayurveda

Tell us about your Kripalu School of Ayurveda experience.

The decision to join the school was a big one for me as I am a mother of three children under the age of 8. I have a busy business and the study would require a 1,200-mile, 18-hour round-trip commute from my home in Cleveland, Ohio, to the beautiful mountains of the Berkshires—17 times! The school has since changed the curriculum to accommodate long-distance students, but at the time it was a big commitment for me and my family. One I took seriously and one I never regretted, not once, even during those long winter drives up I-90 in the snow.

Prior to entry, I thoroughly researched the many fine schools of Ayurveda available. The diversity of the faculty, steeped in tradition and varied expertise, was a big factor in my choice. The varying interpretations of the material allowed the deeper layers of the wisdom to seep into my bones. The curriculum allowed for various modes of learning, including the all-important experience of pratyaksha, or direct perception, as well as study of the ancient Ayurvedic texts and the beautiful interpretations of our many teachers, all leading teachers in their field. The time in between sessions allowed the students to take the material into their lives, their minds, and their practice and fully live Ayurveda. As the knowledge grew inside me, I began to notice I became lighter, more vibrant, and able to find reverence in everyday things. I began to share the practice, at first with my children. As my circle widened, I began to share with friends and family and students. Ayurveda seemed to touch everyone in some way.
—Suzanne Wells, 2009 graduate, Northport, New York, creator of Harmonic Earth

From where you are now, what are the things you value most about your Kripalu School of Ayurveda education?

Having the connection with so many of the world's most renowned Ayurveda teachers not only from our country but from India as well. The faculty was amazing; I especially admire Dr. Lad, whose teaching approach is so kind and reverent—I sell his books at my center as main references. I have a special appreciation for Hilary Garivaltis and Rosy Mann—their dedication to our education was invaluable; they made us not only a group of highly educated Ayurveda students but also a living, breathing Ayurveda circle of friends. We shared birth and death as well as separations and marriages and formed deep lifelong friendships full of loving support.

When I tell prospective clients I graduated from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, it is always received with a very impressed response. Kripalu has the reputation of delivering excellence in its trainings and I am very proud to be a part of this dynamic heritage. I have several yoga students practicing with me solely because of my Kripalu training.
—Nancy A. Smith, 2006 graduate, Ringwood, New Jersey, director of Essence Of Self, Ayurveda Center for Massage, Yoga and Health

The education at Kripalu has brought me access to many qualified teachers who have been involved with Ayurveda for some time. Through the training at Kripalu, we delved into the diet and lifestyle of many volunteers to observe and consult with as a group. This has given me the practical aspect necessary to offer remedies to a variety of clients and students.

Kripalu has supported me through the Ayurveda program, which in turn allows me to support others. This may be called paying it forward, but it is all so natural. I find myself consistently listening to people and connecting with the elements that are of basic nature. The training I have been through gives me tools to decipher some of the challenges faced when out of balance (myself and clients), then offer possible solutions, beginning with the very simple—like water intake and oiling the body. Once in a while I will pose a question to other teachers and classmates in order to gain a different perspective or confirmation in my thoughts. Otherwise, books and notes from class have been invaluable resources and I am grateful. I do refer to Charaka and find this most informative, using updated words to convey this knowledge so others can make use (such as eating light meat such as partridge and quail; translation: chicken and turkey).
—Pamela K. Myers, 2007 graduate, Lombard, Illinois, director of Anahata Center

How has your Kripalu School of Ayurveda (KSA) experience influenced your life?

Ayurveda has become the framework upon which everything, both personally and professionally, is built. Previously, I had many tools to achieve health, but without the blueprint of Ayurveda, it was almost impossible to create it. I might try one type of massage, yoga, or diet for a while and hope that it would bring greater health, but it was really more like grasping at straws. Now I understand that different bodies have different needs, and I can use the principles of Ayurveda to evaluate what I need to find balance. Even more important, I can sit with a client and help them learn to listen to their own body’s wisdom, so that they can make decisions every day that will create health and vitality.

I love to teach people about Ayurveda, because it fosters a deeper understanding of self. Clients always have an “aha!” moment when their eyes light up and they say “So that is why I always…” This self-knowledge is the jewel of Ayurveda, because with understanding comes compassion, and compassion for self leads to compassion for others. The harmony that comes from this will improve your relationships, your health, and your work no matter what your profession. The knowledge and skills that I gained from KSA are invaluable, and my professional life has blossomed into a garden! Thank you, Kripalu!
—Kimberly Larson, 2006 graduate, Housatonic, Massachusetts, cofounder of Lakshmi’s Garden