Kripalu Affiliate Studios

What is a Kripalu Affiliate Studio?

For more than 30 years, Kripalu has been serving humanity by offering opportunities for yoga practice and other forms of experiential learning. During that time, Kripalu has become known the world over for the professional, heartfelt service of its staff, for its unique approach to personal growth and transformation through yoga practice, and for the vitality of its curriculum. People have come to associate the word “Kripalu” with a unique tone, feel, set of values, and way of being. Some people call this the “Kripalu Experience.”

Kripalu Affiliate Studios operate in harmony with Kripalu and its network of affiliated yoga studios.

Kripalu Affiliate Studios Exclusive Benefits

  • Use of the registered trademark name Kripalu and the use of the Kripalu and KAS logos within the guidelines of the Relationship Agreement.
  • Listing as a Kripalu Affiliate Studio in Kripalu’s quarterly catalogs.
  • Conference calls with the director of KAS, other professionals, and studio owners.
  • Membership on the closed e-group list.
  • Up to 1,000 free mailing labels to promote Kripalu classes and workshops at your studio.
  • Priority and exclusive website/studio listings on the Kripalu Yoga and Ayurveda Association's Find a Practitioner page, as well as an exclusive listing on the Kripalu Affiliate Studio (KAS) information page.
  • Your studio highlighted in a column for Practice.
  • 20–40% discount on certain categories of merchandise in the Kripalu Shop to be used for resale at your studio (requires a copy of your current wholesale for resale license).
  • $25 application fee for the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training waived. You, your studio partner, and all teachers who have taught at your studio for more than one year are eligible for this benefit.
  • Tuition to annual yoga and Ayurveda conference waived (excluding room and board) when you bring three or more yoga teachers, or prospective Kripalu yoga teachers. In addition, the yoga teachers/prospective Kripalu Yoga teachers that you bring receive 20% off accommodations. Contact to inform them that you are a KAS owner and would like to set up a KAS group for this year’s conference. Be sure to have a name for your group ready!
  • Any time the KYAA membership of a teacher at your studio is up for renewal, simply have the teacher bring his or her renewal form to you. Cross out the $125 fee and write the following note: “$100—Teacher at [Name of your Studio],” then sign your name next to the note. Your teachers can then mail their forms back to the KYAA Office and enjoy a $25 discount on their membership fee.

In addition to the exclusive benefits above, KAS membership includes more than 30 benefits that are included with your KYAA membership.

If you are interested in affiliation, please complete our online questionnaire. 

Find a Studio Near You

Kripalu Affiliate Studios operate in harmony with Kripalu and its network of affiliated yoga studios. Our vision is to establish affiliate studios across the country and abroad. If you are a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher operating a studio, consider the benefits of Kripalu Affiliate Studios.



Turning Point Yoga
Studio owner: Lisa Uihlein


St. Augustine
Discovery Yoga
Studio owner: Deva Parnell

The Lotus Pond Center for Yoga and Health
Studio owner: Val Spies


WholeHeart Yoga Center
Studio owner: Pam Jackson


Serenity Yoga Center
Studio owner: Eric Read

Shelburne Falls
Shelburne Falls Yoga
Studio owner: Kate Pousont Scarborough

New York

Black Horse Yoga Studio
Studio owner: Suzette Hayes

North Carolina

Yoga for Life
Studio owner: Karen Williams



Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center
Studio owner: Kathleen Tooley


Dream Yoga Studio & Wellness Center
Studio owner: Luann Fulbright

Outside the States



Yoga of Life
Studio owner: Toshiro Miura