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Contemplative Week at Kripalu

Quiet Spaces, Open Hearts, January 12–17, 2020

Stepping back from daily demands can help us recharge and savor life with more spaciousness. Contemplative Week at Kripalu is an ideal opportunity to relax and soothe the mind and body as you renew your connection to yourself. Experience tranquil spaces, silent meals, and a selection of introspective immersions and R&R workshop offerings.

January 12–January 17

The Practice of Loving-Kindness

Sharon Salzberg, Stephen Cope

Join renowned teachers Sharon Salzberg and Stephen Cope for a week of on-the-mat yoga practice...

January 12–January 17

Explore Your Soulscape

Damini Celebre

In this Soulscape retreat with Damini Celebre, you use spiritual and creative practices that...

January 12–January 14

Melting into Introversion

Laurie Helgoe

Your comfort zone is your power source. Join Laurie Helgoe to explore the rich world within, away...

January 12–January 17

Proprioceptive Writing and Yoga

Kim Chandler

Kim Chandler invites you to slow down, turn inward, and reconnect with yourself as you explore...

Kripalu R&R Retreat

Relax, renew, and create the right retreat experience for you. Choose from an engaging variety of...

Slow Down: Restoring Pathways to Connection

Consciously slowing down and paying attention invite us to strengthen connection at every level...

Explorations in Stillness

All great searches begin with the suspension of the statements "I know" and "I don...

Balancing Act: A Conversation with Jack Kornfield

Jack Kornfield talks about meditation, loving-kindness practice, and why he loves to teach.

Meditation and Journaling: Combining Practices to Reflect Your Inner World

By opening up to the richness of our interior life through meditation and journaling, we can...

Lessons from a Winter Walk

Bushes, blue sky, clouds, frozen lake, and nearby stream—they all enriched the whole, each piece...

Yin Yoga: Still, Deep, and Quiet

Our body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.

15-Minute Meditation with Steven Leonard

Join Kripalu Yoga teacher and faculty member Steven Leonard as he leads you through the five...

Ayurveda to Balance Tech Overload

The ancient science of Ayurveda offers tips for returning to balance and staying in control of...