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Calendar of Online Programs & Workshops

Explore engaging new online programs and workshops with industry leading presenters and our own faculty.

June 28: 4-Week Live Online Series with Jeremy Rock Smith

Kripalu Cooking School: At Home in Your Kitchen

July 13: 3-Week Live Online Series with Micah Mortali

Go Outside, Go Within: Deepen Your Mindful Nature Connection Practice

July 13: 5-Day Live Online Series with Jillian Pransky

Metta On and Off the Mat: Loving-Kindness Practices to Open the Body, Mind, and Heart

July 26: 4-Week Online Live Program with Rabbi Shefa Gold

Gardening in the Soil of the Heart: Gratefulness, Courage, Compassion and Joy

July 31: 3-Day Live Online Series with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt

Getting the Love You Want: A Mini Online Workshop for Couples

August 1: 4-Week Live Series with Koya Webb

Turn Your Fears into Faith: Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork

August 5: 6-Week Live Series with Jennifer Reis

Five Element Yoga: Realign with the Rhythms of Nature

August 5: 4-Week Live Series with Aruni Nan Futuronsky

Grief, Loss, and Renewal: Savoring Life’s Lessons

August 14–16: 3-Day Live Online Retreat with Silvia Nakkach

Deep Chant, Trance, and Transformation: An Immersive Voice and Medicine Melodies Home Retreat

September 12: 4-Week Live Online Series with Yang Yang

Boost Immune Function Through Qigong and Tai Chi