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Early Morning

Shine Bright

A series of gentle Sun Salutations enlivens both limbs and mind. You reach overhead, breathing in, breathing out. You feel focused. Calm. Grounded.

Dosha Dining

Put theory into practice by choosing items from the breakfast menu in accordance with your dosha, or Ayurvedic constitution—giving new meaning to the term “balanced breakfast.”

Align to Refine

Discover new ways to experience an old favorite in a posture clinic on Triangle pose. Precise alignment cues and a deeper anatomical understanding bring you into a fresh, inspired expression of the pose. 

Vim and Vigorous

Vinyasa challenges you, but doesn’t tax you—a perfect balance of strength and surrender. After a delicious Savasana, you leave energized, glowing, and refreshed.

The Right Touch

Nurture yourself with a Kripalu Deep Meditative Massage. Within minutes, your muscles loosen and the tension begins to melt away. You float back to your room feeling lighter than ever.

Kripalu Healing Arts

Sing, Sing, Sing

Your day ends with a soul-stirring kirtan in the Main Hall. Close your eyes. Open your heart. Let your voice be heard. You are uplifted and transported.

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