Loving-Kindness Practices

Date: Live Monday–Friday, July 13–17, 2020
Time: 11:30 am –12:45 pm EST
Length: 75 minutes per day
Tuition: $199

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Join mindfulness expert and world-renowned restorative yoga teacher Jillian Pransky, for a week-long immersion of loving-kindness, or metta, inspired yoga, relaxation, and meditation.

Research has shown that even a small dose of metta meditation increases positive emotions. Even a few minutes of loving-kindness meditation can increase feelings of social connection and the experience of gratitude, love, and hope.

Through daily workshops and practices, boost physical wellbeing and release stress by

  • Releasing stagnant energy and tension
  • Exploring the benefits of inner reflection and self-love
  • Becoming more grounded and rooted.

As you come home to your body, breath, mind, and heart, find access to more resources and a greater capacity—physically, mentally, and emotionally—to return to a sense of calm and connectedness.

Note Each session includes awareness practices of the body, breath, mind, and present moment. As well as simple, repeatable, tools that you can take off the mat and into your daily life. Designed for all levels of experience. You will have access to the five video recordings for 30 days after the program ends.

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List to Jillian Pransky at TEDxNavesink

About the Presenter


Jillian Pransky, E-RYT 500, author of Deep Listening, is an international presenter, meditation and yoga teacher, and certified yoga therapist. Learn more about Jillian.