Kid Programs at Kripalu

This year, experience Kripalu together. Choose your yoga or wellness retreat, and let your tweens choose from fun and inspiring programs designed just for them. Or pick one for all ages, and make memories as a family.

Mothering and Daughtering

Sil Reynolds, Eliza Reynolds

Nurture, celebrate, and strengthen your bond with your teen daughter.

May 10–May 12

Mothers, Daughters, and the Heroic Journey

Meg Agnew, Cindy L. Parrish, and more

On Campus Program

May 10–May 12

YogArts for Kids

Craig Hanauer

Calling all kids ages 5–12! Come learn yoga, get your face painted, play, walk in the woods, and...

April 14–April 16

Deep Play for Kids

Missy Brown

On Campus Program