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Kripalu Consultations


Ayurvedic Health Consultations

Receive a one-on-one Ayurvedic consultation to address your overall health and well-being, including personalized diet and daily routine recommendations. Please note that this service does not include diagnosis or treatment of specific conditions.
50 minutes: $100 | 80 minutes: $150

Life Coaching

Work with a coach to develop an action plan that reflects both ways of being (mindfulness) and ways of doing (right actions).
50 minutes: $100 | 80 minutes: $150

Private Kripalu Yoga Instruction

Refine your alignment, design your own sequence, discover posture modifications, and experience restorative yoga postures. No previous yoga experience required.
50 minutes: $100 | 80 minutes: $150

Private Meditation Session

Work one-on-one with an experienced meditation teacher to create a customized, satisfying practice. No previous meditation experience required.
50 minutes: $100 | 80 minutes: $150

Yoga Therapy Consultation

Work with a yoga therapist to tailor the mind-body practices of yoga to meet and manage your specific health needs. Yoga therapy promotes overall health and assists in reducing symptoms associated with common medical conditions. Yoga therapists have the capacity to individualize treatment and integrate evidence-based protocols with traditional meditation, postural, and breathing techniques to better meet your needs and goals.
50 minutes $100 | 80 minutes $175

Please Note

Kripalu Consultations are a personalized educational service, not a medical treatment. Although some members of the Kripalu faculty are licensed physicians, they are serving Kripalu and its guests in an educational versus a clinical or medical capacity. For those desiring to seek health insurance reimbursement, Kripalu is able to provide you on request a statement of the date of your service, type of service, amount paid, and name of service provider. We are not able to provide you with diagnostic codes, service codes, clinical notes, or any other information.

Take Kripalu Home

Kripalu Healing Arts now offers telephone follow-up sessions for our nutritional, Ayurvedic, and life coaching consultations. Inquire by calling 888.738.1822.

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