Date: Live Every Wednesday, September 9–30, 2020 
Time: 10:00 am–12:00 pm EST 
Length: 120 minutes per week
Tuition: $99/$149/$199 Sliding Scale Tuition (see details below)

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The path to health and wellness is built one brick at a time. 

Join Erin Casperson, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and learn to lay the bricks of health through Ayurvedic practices. In this 4-week program, learn Ayurvedic philosophy and how to understand your unique constitution.  

Through live online teachings and facilitated Q&A, you explore and create 

  • A daily rhythm that connects you to your natural environment and balances the nervous system, steadies the mind and promotes happy digestion 
  • How the preventative tools to care for your sensory organs like neti pots, tongue cleansing and other traditional oral hygiene, and skin care 
  • Methods to befriend the nature of your mind to create more ease. 

Whether you’re looking for an introduction to ayurvedic lifestyle (What is Ayurveda, anyway?), or tools to regain self-care techniques for more balanced living, the goal of Ayurveda is to teach people how to attain optimal health through a deeper understanding of yourself.

Note You will have access to the four video recordings for 30 days after the program ends.


CALL 866.200.5203 TO REGISTER

To encourage justice and equity around our offerings, we are now offering Sliding Scale Tuition on select programs. Community Supported pricing is for those facing financial or other hardships, Standard pricing is the set cost, and Pay It Forward helps cover others in your program. There is no application for the different amounts—simply pay what works for you.

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About the Presenter

Erin Casperson, Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, is passionate about sharing how the ancient practices of Ayurveda can be applied to modern-day living. Learn more about Erin.

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