Step 1 Decide on the dates you want to bring a group.

Step 2 Email and let us know you would like to bring a group. Our Registrations Group Coordinator will

  • Set up the group and answer any of your questions
  • Work with you to name your group. This allows us to track the group’s members, room assignments, and discounts in the computer. It’s best to use your own first or last name as the group’s name, whichever is more unique. We ask that you keep it short (1 or 2 word maximum) and don’t include the words yoga or Ayurveda.
  • Confirm the dates the group will be at Kripalu. Then, we’re ready for individuals to make reservations as part of your group.

It is important to advise anyone expressing interest in the trip to call in their own registration. They can speak with anyone in Registrations at 800.741.7353 or 413.448.3152.

They will need to have on hand

  • The name of the program they wish to attend, along with dates of stay.
  • The type of accommodations they would like. If a person wants to share a room for two with someone specific, they must supply Registrations with the name of that individual.
  • The group name (this is critical if they want to receive the discount and be housed with the group).
  • Payment information.

As always, registrations are accepted and made on a "first-come, first-served basis." This means Kripalu does not hold or set aside program or accommodation spaces for group members. We recommend group members register as soon as possible.

Following Up

You may email our Group Coordinator with the name of each person you think might join the group. Doing so is optional, however, it can serve as a useful double-check in case any group member has forgotten to mention they are part of your group.

7–10 days prior to your group’s arrival you will be sent an email listing the names of the people who have registered as part of your group and confirming the group discount (if the group has five or more people).

If you believe someone has already registered and is not on this confirmation list, contact our Group Coordinator (or have your group member contact Registrations) as soon as possible. To apply the group discount, we must have all names at least three days in advance of your arrival.

As a Group Leader, you may find the following information helpful:

  • Each group member will receive a discount of 20% off any accommodation with the exception of summer weekends. During summer weekends discounts are only applicable towards dormitory and standard shared accommodations. Summer is defined as Memorial Day–Labor Day and weekends are Friday and Saturday nights.
  • The discount applies only to the dates where there are five or more people in the group. Any dates with less than five people are offered at regular rates.
  • As the group leader and KYAA member, if the group is 5–9 people in size, you will receive 100% off your housing in a dormitory or shared standard room. For a group of 10 or more, the group leader discount is 100% off your stay (room, meals, and tuition) in a dormitory or shared standard room. The group leader discount only applies to dorm or shared standard room accommodations. Upgrades to other accommodations will qualify for the same housing discount as other group attendees.
  • The group discount is not transferable to any other person or set of dates and cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Discount is not applicable for the Annual Yoga Teachers Conference, Kripalu Schools trainings, children’s registrations, commuter registrations, or one-night stays. No group may register after part one of any sequential training program. Other restrictions may apply. Contact with questions.
  • The group discount will be applied to eligible registrations 7–10 days prior to the group’s arrival. This means that the registration confirmation letters will show the full price, but that the balance that is charged to their credit card 3–5 days prior to arrival will reflect the discount.
  • Kripalu’s normal cancellation policy applies to all individuals in a group, including the person who cancels their registration because the group does not become large enough to qualify for the group discount.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand OMs. We’d love to see some photos and hear any stories from you about your visit. Please bring a camera (ideally digital) and document your trip! This is great for your own records and can help you market future trips as well. We’d love it if you would send in your photos and any story you’d like to tell us to Be sure to use your Group Name as the subject line of your email to help us keep them organized. Thanks so much!

Group Leaders with questions not addressed here, please contact

Group members with questions contact Registrations at 800.741.7353 or 413.448.3152.