Get cooking in one of our upcoming food and nutrition programs.

September 15–September 20

The Kripalu Approach to Diet

An Integrative Weight-Loss Program

Learn how to naturally lose weight and keep it off in this program led by our exceptional faculty of doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, and yoga teachers.

June 14–June 16

30-Minute Meals from the Kripalu Kitchen

Learn to cook much-loved meals from the Kripalu Kitchen that can easily be prepared in 30 minutes or less, with variations to please all palates and dietary needs.

August 11–August 16

Nutrition and Cooking Immersion

Create health right in your kitchen with Kripalu Executive Chef Jeremy Rock Smith and Nutritionist Annie B. Kay.

September 13–September 17

Mind, Mood, and Food

Optimal Nutrition for Body and Brain

World leaders in nutrition and integrative medicine present a new vision for and practical guidance in using food to heal imbalances in brain and mind, promoting optimal mental and emotional health.

September 27–September 29

Five Ingredients, No Time

Healthy, Fast Food from the Kripalu Kitchen

Learn to make simple, tasty, and nourishing meals with Kripalu's Executive Chef, Jeremy Rock Smith.

November 15–November 17

Secrets of the Kripalu Kitchen

Jump-start your cooking practice in this program with Kripalu Executive Chef Jeremy Rock Smith.