Cooking and Nutrition Programs at Kripalu

Bring a taste of Kripalu to your own kitchen in one of our fun, flavorful cooking and nutrition programs. Sharpen your culinary skills, enliven your palate, and nourish your entire being with a healthy dose of whole-foods goodness.

30-Minute Meals from the Kripalu Kitchen

Jeremy Rock Smith

Learn to cook much-loved meals from the Kripalu Kitchen that can easily be prepared in 30 minutes.

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training

Jean Kristeller, Andrea Lieberstein

Experience a new approach to eating that cultivates inner wisdom.

Five Ingredients, No Time

Jeremy Rock Smith

Learn to make simple, tasty, and nourishing meals with Kripalu's Executive Chef.

Ayurvedic Cooking Immersion

Kate O’Donnell

Learn how to use common ingredients and Ayurvedic herbs and spices to create home remedies.