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Discover the Possibilities

Life Is a Playground

Kyle Cease

Move past your old stories into a new vision of what’s possible in your life with Comedy Central...

Inner Bonding

Margaret Paul

Discover how to love yourself rather than abandon yourself.

A New Way of Being

Renée Peterson Trudeau

Enjoy authentic connection with like-minded women as you explore your heart’s desire and purpose.

Peace, Power, and Purpose

Barbara De Angelis

Embark on a profound experiential journey of expansion and rebirth to deepen your connection with...

Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child and Teen

Candy Crawford, Alane Freund, and more

Learn to recognize, honor, and navigate the unique challenges and gifts that highly sensitive...

Clear Home, Clear Heart

Jean Haner

Discover how to clear stagnant or negative energy in your home and office to create a healthy,...