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Discover the Remarkable

There’s nowhere else like Kripalu to set an intention to dive deep, connect to your innermost self, and call forth your intuitive wisdom for guidance on your life’s journey. This winter, the following programs will help you soar into the new year with a renewed sense of hope, strength, and resilience.

Coming Home to the Core of Your Being

Amoda Maa

Rest in the core of your being in a silent retreat that prunes away the nonessential to discover...

A Spiritual Vacation Presented by SuperHealth

Mukta Kaur Khalsa, Jocelyn Johnson (Suchas Kaur)

Discover the deeper meaning of inner fulfillment in this nurturing and revitalizing program.

Soul Retrieval

Dory Cote

Learn and practice a powerful shamanic soul-retrieval method while joyfully welcoming your soul...

IFS and Shamanism for Healing Traumas and Personal Growth

Itzhak Beery, Monique Lang

Dive into the motivations that inform your views, thoughts, and behaviors.

Retrain Your Brain for Positivity and Success

Randy Kamen, Holly Friedman Glick

Find greater meaning and joy in a retreat that weaves together Positive Psychology, mind-body...