Kripalu’s Frontline Providers Program is a response to the burgeoning health-care problem. This eight-week program brings together a variety of yoga practices, such as postures and breathing techniques—as well as basic yoga philosophy—to manage stress and cultivate well-being.

Key Learning Objectives

  1. Learn techniques to calm the nervous system and reduce stress
  2. Understand how to accommodate life’s challenges with more ease
  3. Improve staff cohesion, communication, and team building

Participants report a variety of benefits, including

  1. Increased physical and mental well-being
  2. Greater focus at work
  3. Ability to be mindful and respond to work-related challenges more skillfully
  4. Increased enjoyment of their work environment.


Participant Testimonials

“Ninety-nine percent of my life is as a caretaker…I put myself last. I recognize that I am not taking the time I need to do something for me. I know I will be stiff and sore, not as mentally present, as patient, loving, and kind to myself and other people. If I can make myself a priority, I can do a better job in all those other areas.”

“My self-care has improved. With three children, a husband, and work, I don’t get time for myself. I was always frustrated.”

“It was very freeing for me to have somebody else in charge…and to take care of ME!”

“All of those techniques help me get out of that negative, critical, angry, hating mind and into a more accepting, calm, and loving state. It just takes practice to remember to give myself loving-kindness.”