The Lotus Palm School of Thai Yoga Massage is proud to partner with Kripalu Center to offer certification in its world-renowned training program. Recognized by major North American massage and yoga associations, the Lotus Palm training consists of six 5-day courses that will prepare you to practice hands-on Thai Yoga Massage at a level similar to the masters of Thailand, while also responding to contemporary treatment needs.

Program Overview

Thai Yoga Massage 1: A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Energy teaches a complete 90-minute massage and introduces the foundations of the Lotus Palm system: meditation, body mechanics, movement, and massage techniques using hands, knees, feet, and elbows.

Thai Yoga Massage 2: A Dynamic Therapy for Physical Well-Being and Spiritual Energy adds 90 additional minutes of massage techniques and yoga postures and an in depth look at customizing massages to accommodate people of different sizes and flexibilities and clients with common ailments.

Thai Yoga Massage 3: Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage, Customizing the Massage by Body Type incorporates fundamentals of Ayurveda to determine a person’s body type in order to deepen the therapeutic quality of the practice. You will also learn an additional 60-minute Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga Massage 4: Ayurveda and Thai Yoga Massage, Customizing the Massage by Body Type expands on the use of Ayurveda by adding marma therapy. It also prepares you to create a four-session wellness program that takes into account nutritional, lifestyle, and yoga recommendations. You will add another 60 minutes of massage techniques.

Thai Yoga Massage 5: Thai Yoga Massage Therapy focuses on anatomy and injury assessment so you can practice safely and address therapeutic applications and rehabilitation through massage.

Thai Yoga Massage 6: Advanced Techniques and Treatments in Thai Yoga Massage brings together all aspects of the training, adds an additional 60 minutes of postures and touch techniques, and teaches you to use your knowledge of anatomy, Ayurveda, and energy lines to develop treatment plans.

Overall, the program equips you with skills for offering more than seven hours of massage techniques, a theoretical foundation in Ayurveda and Thai Sen lines (similar to meridians), training in applied anatomy and pathology to understand contraindications, avoid injury, and design customized treatment plans. You will also benefit from Lotus Palm’s innovative After-Care Skills and Development Program that helps with practical ways to grow your business and put your skills to work.

This training is the culmination of more than 20 years of research and refinement by Lotus Palm founder Kam Thye Chow and his teachers. The result is the world’s most comprehensive and progressive system for learning Thai Yoga Massage.


The Lotus Palm School Certification program consists of three levels: Essential (Thai Yoga Massage 1 and 2), Intermediate (3 and 4), and Advanced (5 and 6). Each level requires the completion of two courses and corresponding practice. Visit for more information.

Note Programs may also be taken individually by people already certified by Lotus Palm. If you are trained in Thai Massage by another school or tradition, please contact Lotus Palm at for information regarding equivalencies.