Study with the Best at Kripalu

Join Kripalu’s extraordinary faculty in these upcoming programs that open your heart to healing, happiness, and limitless inspiration.

January 18 - January 21

Qigong to Increase Your Healing Power

Discover the fundamentals of qigong to awaken, empower, and integrate three key energy centers, or dantians.

February 8 - February 10

The Stories We Carry Meditation and Writing

Through a powerful blend of accessible meditation and movement, writing exercises, and more, we explore the courage, persistence, and patience that it takes to dive into memory and generate new work.

March 1 - March 3

Heart Practices for Challenging Times

Learn how to cultivate clarity and wise compassion through mindfulness, loving-kindness meditation, and chanting with Krishna Das and Sharon Salzberg.

March 15 - March 17

The Power of Modern-Day Spell Casters

Learn to recognize when you are under a spell and how to break free in a fun and life-changing program with Caroline Myss.

October 18 - October 20

Radical Acceptance Healing and Freeing our Hearts

Tara Brach teaches you how to cultivate the forgiveness and compassion that allows us to embrace others with an open and wise heart.

April 19 - April 21

Love Heals Everything

Embrace the healing power of love and release the blocks that prevent your heart from opening with empathic healer and spiritual teacher Matt Kahn.

May 17 - May 19

May Cause Miracles Create Subtle Shifts for Radical Change

Best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein believes that simple, consistent shifts in our thinking and actions can lead to the miraculous in all aspects of our daily lives.