Introduction to Meditation
Learn the basics of meditation in this workshop that focuses on concentration techniques for the beginner.

Awareness Meditation
For people with meditation experience. Explore the next level of meditation using awareness techniques, including sound meditation, slow motion prana, and Zen.

Loving-Kindness Meditation
Explore this heart-centered form of meditation, also known as Metta. Loving-kindness is a healing form of meditation that you can send to your loved ones, yourself, and the whole world.

Meditation in Motion
Allow prana to take the lead and move the body spontaneously, helping you to create a practice customized to your needs.

Drumming Meditation
Explore the meditative qualities of drumming using repetitive movement, rhythm, and uplifting and entraining energy. Enjoy a new way to meditate!

Gratitude Meditation
During this guided meditation session, we will cultivate the life-changing practice of gratitude. Count your blessings and you’ll find that every day is filled with precious gifts.

Introduction to Pranayama
Learn the basics of yogic breathing. This class will cover Dirgha (Three-Part yogic breath), Ujjayi (Victorious or Ocean-Sounding breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath).

Pranayama 201
For people with previous pranayama experience. Take your pranayama practice to the next level with detailed instruction on Kapalabhati (Skull-Polishing Breath), Bhastrika (Bellows Breath), and Sitali/Sitkari (Cooling Breath).

Inward Diving
Inward diving is the practice of pranayama with the use of a blindfold and powerful rhythmic music—a potent technique for accessing deep states of introversion and preparing the mind for meditation.

The Discipline of Freedom
Dive into the depths of yogic philosophy and breathwork as a method to gain freedom from past traumas and fears.