Mindful Eating
Mindful eating is a practice of exploring our relationships with food and ourselves, and can deepen our understanding of food and all that nourishes us.

Detox 24/7
Explore the elements of a science-based detoxification diet, including critical nutrients that support toxin removal.

Food and Mood
Hear the latest research and ideas on nutrients, eating habits, and lifestyle choices most supportive of lifelong mental health.

A Natural Way to a Healthy Weight
Nourish your body and your whole being by enjoying whole foods that support lifelong natural wellness.

Cultivating Inner Strength
Uncover a basic understanding of the nervous system and its role in resilience and explore tools for developing inner strength and resiliency.

Extraordinary Living
This workshop explores the scientific and yogic evidence behind regulating emotions, and how we can implement “riding the wave” in our own lives.

Accessing Inner Wisdom
Practice ways to listen to our inner voice, attuning ourselves to our inherent, deep knowing. Discover how to respond to dharma, that sense of inner brilliance.

Awaken to Healing
In a busy world, finding peace of mind is not only a precious experience, it is also vital for health and wellness. Access deep states of integration through the simple exercise of yoga nidra, also known as mindful relaxation.

Transforming Stress
Stress is the cause of many chronic diseases and is the single greatest medical risk to maintaining good health. Come learn how stress affects your body and how self-care is your first step in the prevention of illness.

Feel the Body Alive
Explore and expand the connection to the body through this discussion- and experience-based workshop. Create greater health, a deeper spiritual experience, and a fuller life.