A Month of Compassion at Kripalu

Join us in practicing 30 days of compassion this November.

Throughout November, we’re sharing exercises, practices, and wisdom from the Kripalu methodology related to compassion for self and others. Each week, we focus on a different theme, and offer you videos and resources so you can dive deeper. We hope you’ll share your own compassion practices, using the hashtag #30DaysofCompassion.

Week 1: Kripalu Is Compassion

Kripalu means compassion. This week, we focus on Swami Kripalu and his compassionate teachings, and Maria Sirois guides us in the compassionate practice of loving-kindness meditation.

Week 2: Compassion in Action

Guided by compassion—toward ourselves and others—we can make a powerful positive impact on the world around us.

Week 3: The Power of Self-Compassion

Self-compassion is even more powerful than self-esteem; rather than changing with our accomplishments and the recognition we receive, it is always accessible, and always deserved.

Week 4: Compassion and Gratitude

Compassion and gratitude go hand in hand—or heart to heart. Accessing these complementary forces infuses us with greater joy, love, and appreciation for life’s gifts.

Week 5: Compassion On and Off the Mat

Our yoga mat is both a laboratory and mirror—a place where we explore and face our deepest self. Practiced with compassion, honesty, and mindfulness, yoga informs all aspects of our lives.