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New Year’s Eve at Kripalu

Celebrate the new year Kripalu-style, with an array of activities and programs to fire up your intentions for a deeply inspiring 2020.

R&R Holiday Retreat

Start a new holiday tradition rich in self-care.

December 27–January 1

Bhakti Bliss New Year’s Celebration

David Newman (Durga Das), Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band

Ride the waves of bliss into the new year with joy-filled kirtan.

December 27–January 1

New Year’s Yoga Retreat

Todd Norian

Release the old and usher in the new as you connect with yourself and others.

December 29–January 1

New Year’s Vinyasa Yoga Intensive

Rolf Gates

Begin the new year with yoga practices that support an expansive relationship to life.

December 29–January 1

Slow Yoga and Qigong

Ken Nelson, Lesli Lang

Ken Nelson and Lesli Lang invite you to move with ease, grace, and freedom while remaining rooted...

December 29–January 1

Live an Abundant Life

Faith Hunter

Establish a personal vision of abundance for the new year.

December 29–January 1

Dance into Joy: A New Year’s Celebration of Release and Renewal

Jovinna Chan, Jurian Hughes

Intuit your way into 2020 by exploring ecstatic movement.

December 29–January 1

You Are Not Stuck: Soul-Guided Choices for the New Year

Becky Vollmer

Empower and embrace your deepest self through guided breath and purposeful movement.

December 29–January 1

New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat

Shivananda Thomas Amelio

Welcome the new year with reflection and spiritual nourishment.

December 29–January 1

Holiday Creativity Getaway

Linda Novick

Escape from holiday stress and relax into your creativity in this expressive retreat with Linda...