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New Year’s Eve at Kripalu

Celebrate the New Year Kripalu-style, with activities and programs that help you set the course for 2020. Kripalu offers an array of experiences to fire up your intentions for a deeply inspiring new year.

December 27–January 1

Bhakti Bliss New Year’s Celebration

Ride the waves of bliss as you usher in the new year with some of the foremost innovators of joy-filled kirtan.

December 27–January 1

New Year’s Yoga Retreat

Align Your Body, Awaken Your Heart

Join Todd Norian to release the old and usher in the new as you connect with yourself and others in a safe and supportive community.

December 29–January 1

Live an Abundant Life

Join Faith Hunter for an immersive, stimulating, and supportive weekend with like-minded women focused on establishing a personal vision of abundance.

December 29–January 1

You Are Not Stuck: The Power of Soul-Guided Choices

Using breath, movement, yoga, and self-exploration, Becky Vollmer invites you to learn to live the life you dream of instead of the one you feel stuck in.

December 29–January 1

Slow Yoga and Qigong

Relax and Restore

Explore qigong and learn to move with ease, grace, and freedom while remaining rooted and centered.

December 29–January 1

Dance into Joy: A New Year’s Celebration of Release and Renewal

Join Jovinna Chan and Jurian Hughes to dance into the new year, following the lead of your body and breath as you let go of the past year and make space for new beginnings.

December 29–January 1

New Year’s Vinyasa Yoga Intensive

Clarity and Connection

Begin the new year with Rolf Gates as he leads you through yoga practices that help you create a visionary and expansive relationship with life.

December 29–January 1

Holiday Creativity Getaway

Paint, Stretch, Collage, and Have Fun

: Escape from holiday stress and relax into your creativity in a retreat that includes watercolor painting, Kripalu Yoga practice, beadwork, and fun collage techniques

December 29–January 1

New Year’s Spiritual Renewal Retreat

End the old year and enter the new with reflection and spiritual nourishment with Shivananda Thomas Amelio.

Kripalu R&R

Relax, renew, and create the right retreat experience for you. Choose from an engaging variety of workshops, indoor or outdoor activities, yoga and movement classes, and more.