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For accessible and dynamic programs rooted in the wisdom of our methodology, look for our exclusive Kripalu Signature programs developed and led by our own expert faculty and only offered on the Kripalu campus. In addition to our own Kripalu Signature programs, explore all our exclusive programming offerings here.

February 23–February 26

Using RISE for Resilience at Work

Sam Chase, Dana Campbell, and more

Experience the evidence-based approach to mindful stress-resilience.

February 23–February 28

Unified Body Yoga

Michelle Dalbec, Christopher Holmes

Learn how to lead yoga classes grounded in experiential familiarity with the body’s biologic fabric.

March 1–March 5

Secrets of the Kripalu Kitchen

Jeremy Rock Smith

Explore Kripalu’s unique approach to food and cooking and learn practical and creative techniques.

March 15–March 20

Become Your Superhuman Self

Lee Holden

Awaken the power of breath, energy, and inner fire through meditation, qigong, and mindfulness.

March 15–March 20

Introduction to Ayurveda

Erin Casperson, Lauren Gernady

Discover an Ayurvedic approach to living well and reinvigorate your self-care routine.

March 22–March 27

Kripalu Coaching Tools for Mindful Living

Izzy Lenihan, Katie Hagel

Learn to fuel authentic, sustainable change through proven, mindful techniques.

March 29–April 3

Kripalu Outdoors: Hiking and Yoga

Ray Crist, Nina Crist

Experience a deeper connection to the earth, and yourself, in our most popular outdoor program.

March 29–April 3

Nutrition and Cooking Immersion

Jeremy Rock Smith, Annie B. Kay

Learn the latest nutritional research with tips to help you plan and prepare healthy meals.

April 5–April 10

Kripalu Men’s Retreat

Mark Gerow, Steven Leonard, and more

Come connect with nature, build community, and explore the power of ritual.

April 5–April 10

Kripalu Yoga and Meditation Retreat

Cristie Newhart, Christopher Holmes

Renew, recharge, and refresh the body and soul in this special yoga and meditation program.

April 12–April 17

The Kripalu Approach to Healthy Weight

Aruni Nan Futuronsky, Annie B. Kay, and more

Shift the concept of dieting into a journey toward healthy weight and lifelong wellness.

April 17–April 19

Overcoming Burnout in the Healing Professions

Aviva Romm, James S. Gordon

Uncover and recover from burnout and restore your compassion, joy, and inspiration.

April 24–April 26

Yoga Solutions for Unlimited Possibilities

Colleen Saidman Yee

Peel back the layers and reclaim joy so you can move forward with clarity.

April 26–May 1

Spring Wellness Yoga and Meditation Detox Retreat

Kat Fowler

Recharge your personal energy, renew your health, and approach the world with fresh perspective.

May 3–May 8

Ayurveda, Mindfulness, and Spring Rewilding

Micah Mortali, Erin Casperson

Shake off the sleep of winter and ring in the spring in a retreat presented by the Kripalu Schools.

May 3–May 8

Seven Steps to Healthy Aging

Vandita Kate Marchesiello, Ken Nelson

Come learn new, healthy ways to stay active, get better sleep, and find joy in your wisdom years.

May 22–May 25

Kripalu Outdoors: Hiking, Yoga, and Kayaking

Michelle Dalbec, Susannah Beattie, and more

Satisfy your longing for a connection to nature as you explore hiking, kayaking, and yoga.

May 26–May 29

Birding and Mindfulness

Becky Cushing, Steven Leonard, and more

This program copresented with Mass Audubon introduces you to the meditative joys of bird watching.

May 31–June 5

Kripalu Outdoors: Hiking and Vinyasa Immersion

Ray Crist, Nina Crist

Discover the power of yoga, meditation, and the natural world in a hiking and vinyasa flow program.

June 19–June 21

30-Minute Meals from the Kripalu Kitchen

Jeremy Rock Smith

Learn to cook much-loved meals from the Kripalu Kitchen that can easily be prepared in 30 minutes.

June 19–June 21

A Mindful Outdoor Retreat

Mark Roule, Micah Mortali

Enhance your relationship with the natural world in this mindfulness-based outdoor retreat.

July 5–July 10

Yoga Summer Camp

Michelle Dalbec, Nina Crist, and more

Reconnect with simple pleasures and the great outdoors in this summer camp for adults.

July 19–July 24

Kripalu Family Retreat

Nina Crist, Susannah Beattie

Experience Kripalu together with adventures for kids, workshops for parents, and joint activities.

October 1–October 4

Inner Quest Intensive

Aruni Nan Futuronsky

Kripalu’s longest-running self-discovery program teaches the mindful practice of presence.