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Whether you seek to take your practice outdoors, connect with self and community, or brighten your cooking skills, we've got you covered. Each of these programs is unique, and each of these programs is unique to Kripalu.

September 20–September 22

Mothering and Daughtering

Strengthening Your Bond in the Preteen Years

Join Sil Reynolds for a weekend of fun and connection—including games, storytelling, art projects, and trust exercises—all designed for mothers and daughters (ages 10–12).

September 20–September 22

Quiet Your Inner Critic and Calm Your Anxious Mind

Jane Shure and Beth Weinstock teach you how to strengthen the voice of your inner coach with skills that support a positive mindset.

September 22–September 27

The Science of Yoga

Learn the science behind asana (yoga postures), meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques), and how these practices can enhance physical and mental health.

October 1–October 4

Kripalu’s 28th Annual Yoga Teachers Conference

Exploring the Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga

Kripalu's highly anticipated annual conference is a reunion, professional development opportunity, and mini vacation all in one!

October 4–October 6

Yoga Retreat for Women of Color

Change Is Gonna Come

Join Maya Breuer this fall to open to self-love and sister-woman spirit at the Yoga Retreat for Women of Color.

October 15–October 18

Birding and Mindfulness

This program copresented with Mass Audubon introduces you to the meditative joys of bird watching, with practices to soothe the mind and connect to the world—and yourself—in profound new ways.

October 18–October 27

Mindful Outdoor Guide Certification, Level 1

Forest Community

Gain the foundational skills to lead individuals and small groups in connecting mindfully with nature.

October 21–October 23

Symposium on Yoga Research

Preconference and Conference

This conference showcases some of the best new yoga research, offering ample opportunities for participants to interact with other scientists, experts, and professionals in the field.

October 27–November 1

Nutrition Intensive for Health Professionals

Expand your skills as you explore Kripalu's approach to whole-foods healing with exceptional experts in clinical nutrition and holistic health.

November 10–November 15

The Revolution Within: Women’s Week at Kripalu

Join us for a week of solidarity in a program that's designed for all womxn and embraces an intergenerational, multicultural, multiracial, non-partisan community.

Thanksgiving at Kripalu

Feed your heart with gratitude and joy.

Enjoy Thanksgiving at Kripalu with self-care, gratitude-themed R&R workshops, and more. Call to book: 800.741.7353

December 1–December 6

The Kripalu Approach to Natural Weight

Food and Freedom for Integrative Health

Learn how to naturally lose weight and keep it off in this program led by our exceptional faculty of doctors, nutritionists, life coaches, and yoga teachers.

December 13–December 15

Queer Empowerment Retreat

Queer and transgender duo Sah D’Simone and Aaron Rose invite you to invest in your happiness, feel more at home in your body, and rewire new habits to support your dreams while connecting with a...

December 13–December 15

Grief, Loss, and Renewal

Savoring Life's Lessons

Aruni Nan Futuronksy helps you discover how you can use the healing practices of yoga on and off the mat to navigate difficult emotions and move forward in your life.

December 20–December 22

Winter Solstice Yoga Retreat

Join Micah Mortali, Director of the Kripalu Schools, to welcome the winter solstice and connect more deeply with yourself and the world around you in this weekend of yoga and meditation.

December 27–January 1

Bhakti Bliss New Year’s Celebration

Ride the waves of bliss as you usher in the new year with some of the foremost innovators of joy-filled kirtan.

December 27–December 29

Remix Your Resolutions

Expressive Writing to Get Clear on Your Goals

End the year on a positive note and set yourself up for success in 2020 in a program that explores expressive writing and journaling to increase creativity.

December 27–December 29

Dressing for Confidence and Joy

A Style Revel-YOU-tion

Stasia Savasuk invites you to experience a style revel-YOU-tion to discover who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

Essential Teachings of Swami Kripalu: An R&R Themed Weekend

January 10–12, 2020

Swami Kripalu was an ardent yogi with an inquisitive mind who explored every facet of the yoga tradition. This special weekend presents his accessible teachings that you can bring home and put into...

January 10–January 12

Your Do Less, Have More Year

Creating Space for What Really Matters

In this hands-on retreat, Kate Northrup walks you through a year-end review and annual planning process to ensure that the things that matter most to you are prioritized in 2020.

January 10–January 12

One-Pot Meals from the Kripalu Kitchen

Learn to cook cold-weather comfort foods for you and your family, including seasonal soups, stews, and braises, with Kripalu's Executive Chef, Jeremy Rock Smith.

January 12–January 17

The Practice of Loving-Kindness

A Meditation and Yoga Retreat

Join renowned teachers Sharon Salzberg and Stephen Cope for a week of on-the-mat yoga practice and sitting meditation to foster loving-kindness, or “friendliness toward all beings.”

January 23–August 23

200-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training

Weekend Format

Become the yoga teacher you were meant to be. Our weekend format allows you to dive deep and explore the fundamentals of Kripalu Yoga in a way that fits your schedule.

February 2–February 7

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Exploring the Language of the Stars

Through the study of Vedic astrology, Emily Glaser provides an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart, answering your questions, and offering guidance to help you navigate your karmic path.

February 6–February 9

Inner Quest Intensive

Kripalu’s longest-running self-discovery program teaches the mindful practice of being present in the moment to live with authenticity, joy, vitality, and grace.

February 7–February 9

Grief Shifting

Connecting to the Other Side for Healing and Guidance After Loss

Sue Frederick invites you to experience the relief that comes from connecting to departed loved ones through the heart-opening practice of joyful communication.

February 14–February 16

Sober Curious

Choosing Sobriety for Focus, Presence, and Deep Connection

This retreat with author Ruby Warrington presents sobriety as a conscious lifestyle choice available to everyone invested in their overall well-being.

February 17–February 21

Savoring Slowness

Meditative Yoga Retreat

Slow down, pause, and discover the value of stillness in a program of yoga and Ayurveda that replenishes the vital life force within.

February 23–February 26

Using RISE for Resilience at Work

Experience firsthand the evidence-based RISE approach to mindful stress resilience and its benefits at work.

February 23–February 28

Unified Body Yoga

Fascial Anatomy and the Deeper Practice

Employ a deeper awareness of the body’s physiology in order to lead complete and transformational experiences for your students.