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The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution From Frazzled and Fatigued to Fire and Flow

For all women.

If you are a woman who deals with fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, depression, hormonal imbalances, or joint pain; if you feel betrayed by your body and long to feel like yourself again, medical doctor Aviva Romm has designed a program just for you. Take a deep dive into understanding and overcoming the root causes of adrenal and thyroid problems, using journaling, sound, movement, meditation, dialogue, and game-changing science on the road to repair.

Your thyroid is the body’s thermostat, regulating how well you burn energy. Thyroid issues can keep you from having the energy and life that you deserve. Your adrenals control your ability to maintain physical and emotional resilience and how quickly your body repairs itself. When you get stuck in survival mode and your adrenals are over-activated, it can sabotage your health. This program addresses all these issues, teaching you to

  • Identify and transform old patterns so you can live with more inner peace and security, doing so with heart, humor, self-compassion, and a lot less chronic overwhelm
  • Crack your energy code and understand the adrenal and thyroid connection to exhaustion, poor sleep, weight challenges, cravings, menstrual issues, and more
  • Reset your mind, mood, energy, and body in five simple steps
  • Take back your health by gaining the confidence you need to take care of yourself naturally.

Women who have taken Aviva’s programs report sugar and other cravings, gone; joint pain, gone; up to 15 pounds and four inches of weight loss, that stays off; deeper and more restful sleep; more and steadier energy throughout the day; happier mood; increased mental clarity and focus; reduced need for medications; and a renewed connection to dreams, goals, motivation, and inspiration.

You can reinvent yourself at any age, using natural remedies to heal your body and past patterns as powerful springboards to self-understanding, compassion, and success.

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Aviva Romm, MD, a Yale-trained physician, uses functional medicine to help women heal their bodies and minds, and transform their lives and their families’ health.

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