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Aligning with Your Inner Guide A Cosmic Healing Retreat with the Spiritual Gayz


Each of us contains an inner guide who possesses a unique language and way of expressing ourselves based on our individual gifts. However, if we are unable to fully embody our authenticity and find confidence in sharing these gifts, our inner guide can get lost in the noise.

Join The Spiritual Gayz, Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez, for a playful and powerful opportunity to align with your inner guide. Using a combination of astrology, tarot, breathwork, and energy & ancestral healing, you will

  • Understand your individual gifts as laid out in your birth chart
  • Learn how to utilize your birth chart through intuition, play, and discovery
  • Draw upon the potency of eclipse season and Mars retrograde
  • Be in a safe community as you claim your authenticity and step into vulnerability. 

Return home with a deeper understanding of your astrology and the tarot, a toolbox of energy visualization practices for grounding and clearing, and basic ritual skills.

Note Participants are encouraged to bring an item that represents a prime motivation for joining the program.

Preview the Program

The Astrology of Authenticity 
Understand your birth chart and which planets call the shots so you can be better equipped to lean into your strengths and support your challenges. 

The Astrology of Intuition  
Learn how your Moon Sign can be utilized as a jumping off point for exploring a closer connection with your inner intuitive. 

The Astrology of Vulnerability  
xplore the mythology of Chiron and the unique orbit this minor planet takes to help unpack the myriad ways it can help us express radiant vulnerability.  

Included in Your Stay


Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

Program at a Glance

Yoga Experience
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Program Theme
All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


The Spiritual Gayz—husbands Brandon Alter and Angel Lopez—are queer mystics and healers for a modern age. They host a twice monthly podcast of the same name that is dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality.

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