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Archetypal Dreamwork as a Portal to the Soul

For everyone.

Step into your dreams and experience the gifts of dream consciousness using a powerful enactment process called String Work which shows the connections between the dreamer and the elements of the dream. Dreams bypass the ego’s filter to reach down into your heart and gut, revealing where you’re stuck and how you can move into your feeling body to know real love.

Archetypal Dreamwork teaches you to

  • Find your way through obstructions to your deeper feelings
  • Become the child soul who is knowing and whole
  • Locate the portal to love and step toward it
  • Distinguish between transformational feelings and stuck emotional reactions
  • See the light in your blind spots.

This process is electric and stirring, gentle and alive. Your dream journey is as close as last night’s dream.

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Marc Bregman founded Archetypal Dreamwork in 1973 and is the cofounder and codirector of North of Eden and the Center for Archetypal Dreamwork. He is a...

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Christa Lancaster has a world-wide Archetypal Dreamwork practice, coteaching online classes and groups along with her husband, Marc Bregman.

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