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The Art of Stopping Time

For everyone.

How can you stay healthy, find peace, maximize time, and enjoy your life? Find out in this immersion designed to help you develop a healthy relationship with time. Pedram Shojai, best-selling author of The Urban Monk and a former Taoist monk, blends practical daily advice with powerful qigong and meditation practices to help you master time and use it to recharge and thrive in the modern world.

Compression of time in our consciousness is an epidemic in contemporary society. Learn how to take charge of time instead of the other way around, and take home concrete tools for minimizing stress and curating life events successfully.

Recommended reading Pedram Shojai, The Urban Monk and Rise and Shine.

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Pedram Shojai is a Taoist abbot, doctor of Chinese medicine, and qigong master who writes books, makes films, and teaches mind-body practices around the world.

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