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The Art of Yin Yoga Stillness, Energy, and Flow

For all levels.

Paulie Zink’s approach to yoga is about finding and following your unique individual path, opening to your intuitive heart, and discovering the artist inside you.

Explore the deeper dimensions of Yin Yoga, practicing postures inspired by the movements of animals and poses that activate the elemental forces within your energetic field. Yin Yoga promotes flexibility and healing, develops the flow of energy in your body, and enlivens your innate ability to move with fluidity, power, and grace. Through this practice, you

  • Fully engage your connection with the natural world
  • Awaken to your spontaneous and playful spirit
  • Find the motion that arises from stillness
  • Transcend the boundaries of assumed limitations
  • Learn how to “be” yoga, living it in your day-to-day activities and interactions.

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Paulie Zink, founder of Yin Yoga and a three-time international martial arts grand champion, is renowned for his fluidity, flexibility, and artistry of motion.

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