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Awakening of Love A Transformative Weekend Immersion


Are you ready to find freedom from your fears, self-limiting beliefs, or old patterns? Are you looking for a way to process past and current issues in a caring and supportive environment? 

This November, join skilled counselors, body-based therapists, and workshop facilitators Prema McKeever, Nirodha Stearns, and Neil “Niten” Ferguson as they take you on a journey to discover your authentic self. Incorporating a unique blend of psychology and spirituality, this live two-day workshop will help you discover the truth of who you truly are. 

You will learn how to 

  • Connect deeply to your body, mind, and spirit  
  • Uncover the keys to loving yourself deeply and living passionately 
  • Ignite your passion to realize your true potential 
  • Find the tools to live life with an honest and open heart. 

This healing program will guide you as you participate in group exercises, meditations, and embodiment practices. Show up as you are, ready to break free from old patterns and discover your love for life... once again! 

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Awakening of Love Online Weekend Retreat


Prema McKeever, MS, is a somatic therapist, international educator, and facilitator of the renowned transformational process Path of Love.

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Neil “Niten” Ferguson is a counselor, Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, and BioDynamic Breathwork facilitator.

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Nirodha Stearns, MS, is a counselor and experienced Awakening of Love workshop facilitator.

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