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Ayurvedic Bodywork Training: Abhyanga


Abhyanga is the classical full body oil treatment in Ayurveda, utilizing warm herbalized oil and rhythmic body technique to move the oil into the body. Soothing and nurturing, it is one the best techniques for balancing prana (life force)—a main goal of Ayurveda. 

Join former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda Hilary Garivaltis and explore ancient Ayurvedic treatments to cleanse, heal, and harmonize the body, mind, and spirit. Gain knowledge of Ayurvedic bodywork techniques used in rejuvenation therapy, the Ayurvedic oils used in the treatments, and a brief history and background of Ayurveda.

Be nurtured and guided as you learn

  • The basic theory of the three doshas and their gunas in application to bodywork 
  • The technique of self-massage
  • How to perform a full-body abhyanga treatment with oil
  • Ways to customize the treatment in balancing disturbed doshas
  • The importance of sacred sound for establishing a healing environment.

Additional time will be spent on the fundamentals of Ayurvedic theory, the origins of massage, and ethics training through the lens of yoga and Ayurveda. 

Note Oils are used throughout the training so please wear casual clothing. Old bathing suits or undergarments may be useful for practice sessions. 

Note This course meets the minimum two-hour ethics training requirement for massage therapists and is designed specifically for bodyworkers and Ayurvedic professionals. Others who are interested in the program should direct inquiries to Hilary at hgarivaltis@gmail.com.

Included in Your Stay

Daily Yoga Classes

3 All-Natural Meals Access to the Kripalu Grounds

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Hilary Garivaltis, executive director of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, is Founder and former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda, and the principal founder of Ayurvedic Health Education Services, LLC.

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