• May 25–29, 2020
  • Monday-Friday: 4 nights

Azul Conscious Movement Retreat

For everyone; no dance experience needed.

Azul is a path of personal transformation that utilizes movement as a vehicle for exploration. With a focus on the connection between body and spirit, Azul invites the integration of our spirituality and our humanity. Working toward this integration supports our understanding that what happens in our human experience is serving our spiritual evolution, and that our human experience is influenced by our soul’s journey.

In this program with Amara Pagano, founder of Azul Conscious Movement, you use dance to access the body’s intelligence to feel and integrate your experiences. Take a deep dive into the healing waters of conscious dance as you

  • Discover the power of movement to awaken love
  • Anchor into the wisdom of the body
  • Learn specific embodiment tools for daily practice
  • Utilize the components of the Azul Spiral to support your dance with life
  • Feel the beauty of connecting more intimately to self, others, and community
  • Explore the body’s intelligence for healing and spiritual growth.

“Amara skillfully guided us along a moving path, until we arrived at a resting place of compassionate joy.” —Kieran K.

“Amara’s gentle but firm guidance creates an atmosphere of freedom in expression and exploration.” —Johanna F.

“Azul is a dynamic marriage of dance and wisdom pathways connecting in the most natural way.” —David M.

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About Azul Conscious Movement


Amara Pagano, creator of Azul Conscious Movement and cofounder of the global conscious movement community OneDanceTribe, is committed to the journey of awakening love.

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