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Becoming Who I Am

For women only.

It is time. Let go of what was. Climb out of your shell that is now too small for shelter. Slip through old skin too ethically tight for this bright soul. We have prepared and dared, we have trained and shared, but the last steps are the biggest of all!

We meet the sun as daughters left too long underground, and yet our pain and trauma have decomposed into fertile ground—expanding into healing, and compassion. Through our body-energies connecting us below and above, we become a silent presence of being: peace and love.

Words and teachings—though a good start—are not enough! Now, we must feel the blood of Life flowing through every cell from crown to toes. This is who and what I am. This is why I came to be here now.

Using breath, movement, asana, dance, color, and art-forms—unfold your heart, your joy, your purpose. Resistance builds relationship, strength, and truth, and each story we still hold becomes the doorway to companionship.

Special Pricing Combine this program with Every Bit Alive!, November 17–19, and receive a 10 percent tuition discount on this program. Additional night stay is required; call to register.

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Angela Farmer was one of B. K. S. Iyengar’s earliest students. Her journey for more than 40 years has been an internal one, inviting inner dialogue with the body and bringing feeling, movement, and freedom into yoga practice.

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