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Boundary Boot Camp for Women Transform Your Life and Relationships

For all women.

Learn the art of healthy, flexible, personal boundaries to transform your relationships and your life. Drawing boundaries, setting limits, or prioritizing personal preferences is a distinct skill set not taught in school. There is a misconception that to do these things you must be selfish, mean, or confrontational. The fear of being labeled “difficult” and a lack of solid “how to” knowledge prohibits many highly capable women from honoring their truest selves.

Explore how you can draw boundaries with ease, grace, and love in all areas of your life. When you uncover your inherited boundary blueprint and your own boundary style, you can start to make more authentic behavioral choices in the world.

Based on Terri Cole’s two decades of experience with highly functioning, yet exhausted women, this program includes

  • The biggest boundary struggles and strategies for each including auto-accomodating, emotional labor, indirect communication and more
  • How to stop past boundary issues from dictating your future
  • Identifying unconscious “repeating realities” that no longer serve you
  • Therapeutic meditation
  • Specific techniques and strategies to integrate what you learn this weekend into daily life

Special guest teacher Deb Kern, health scientist, visionary teacher, and author joins for a powerful, feminine movement lead exercises based on her PranaShakti Method designed to help remove energy blocks, release tension, reawaken creativity, and empower confidence.

Setting appropriate boundaries and telling the truth about how you feel, frees up the space that used to be consumed by frustration, resentment, and confusion, leaving more energy to create a life and relationships that thrill you.

Read more about Terri’s four steps for building better boundaries.

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Women Only
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Relationships and Sexuality


Terri Cole is a New York-based psychotherapist, relationship expert, and founder of Real Love Revolution and Boundary Bootcamp and the author of the forthcoming book Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide for Women to Talk True, Be Seen, and (Finally) Live Free.

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