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Breaking Free of Intergenerational Burdens A Family Constellation Approach

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Liberate yourself from conscious and unconscious familial patterns through Family Constellations. This experiential process reveals the things that really make you tick—subliminal loyalties to your family of origin, perhaps going back many generations—and brings greater ease, gratitude, and strength.

In a Family Constellation staging, participants bring an issue to the group—a recurrent frustration, desire, obstacle, or feeling of deficit. Once the issue is clarified, we set up an image of the situation, inviting other participants to represent relevant people or elements. The ecology that surrounds the problem begins to take shape, and is witnessed by everyone present, without interpretation or judgment. As the larger system comes into view, so do the resources and gifts within it.

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Suzi Tucker, author of Gather Enough Fireflies and a leading figure in Family Constellations, has created a unique approach to claiming a “right to write.”

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