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Buddha Palm Awaken Your Inner Healer

For bodyworkers, healers, and everyone interested in energy work.

Buddha Palm is an ancient qigong routine that awakens the healing power in your hands. Learn to cultivate internal power by connecting directly to the source of life-force energy and move this qi throughout the meridians of the body to clear internal blockages and ignite your energetic potential.

With roots in the Shaolin style of qigong and meditation, this technique dates back thousands of years. Lee Holden invites you to

  • Awaken inner light for self-healing
  • Become a powerful healer, no matter what modality you are using
  • Protect yourself from other people’s negative energy
  • Cultivate an abundance of life-force energy, or qi.

“Healer, heal thyself” is a maxim that describes this work beautifully.

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Lee Holden is a doctor of Chinese medicine, an internationally celebrated qigong master whose programs aired regularly on PBS, and author of Seven Minutes of Magic.

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