On Campus Program

Celebrating Rumi A Journey to the Placeless Place

For everyone.

Honor the 744th anniversary of the death of Sufi mystic and poet Jelalludin Rumi in a program that explores Sufism from the inside out. Safely participate in the mystical whirling dance as you learn

  • The essence of Sufi philosophy and the difference between belief and faith
  • Several forms of turning, including slow meditative, traditional Mevlevi, and inspirational turning
  • Meditation with a focus on removing obstacles to penetrating insight into the nature of the True Self
  • Breathing exercises to focus and still the mind and unify the heart-mind connection
  • Concentration techniques to make the state of Grace more and more accessible.

Recommended reading Shakina Reinhertz, Women Called to the Path of Rumi: The Way of the Whirling Dervish.

Program at a Glance

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All Spiritual Practice and Inquiry


Sheikha Khadija Radin has been teaching Sufism and whirling for more than 40 years in both the Sufi Ruhaniat International and the Mevlevi Order of America.

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